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Our Story

FoodFend Brothers Origin


A food vacuum sealer is a kitchen appliance you do not realize how much you will use it until you get one.

We use our portable vacuum sealer for food storage and resealing any dry food bags.

It also helps with keeping prepared food fresh for school, work, camping, hiking, and traveling.

And recently we started to test our little vacuum sealer with sous vide cooking.

We learn something new about our food vacuum sealer every day.


But how does it work?


The idea of vacuum sealing work by sucking the air out of the vacuum bag and not allowing the air to get back. 

Vacuum sealing does an excellent job of protecting your food from oxygen, moisture, bacteria, and even bugs!


Why did we get our first vacuum sealer?


Over the last few years, we noticed that food goes bad much faster than expected. 

We started looking into various methods on how to preserve the freshness of the food we buy. 

We tested it all from plastic bags, food containers to plastic wrap packaging. 

And when one day I saw my brother bathing strawberries and blueberries in a vinegar mixture I knew we need to talk!

During the conversation, we decided to invest in our first food vacuum sealer for testing.

We remember checking with amazement the very first package of fruits we vacuum sealed that did not want to grow mold for weeks!

We were so excited we started talking to our friends and family to see what they say, and we heard some strong opinions.

Among the many pros, there were few valid cons we initially did not notice.

Our first food vacuum sealer was big, bulky, difficult to use, impractical to travel with and quite expensive.

But the worst was the single-use vacuum plastic bags that did not speak the same language with our environment-friendly nature.

We knew there has to be a better way, and this is when the idea of a portable, rechargeable, handheld vacuum sealer with reusable vacuum bags came to life.

The concept of FoodFend One was born!


Vacuum sealed food storage.


We now use our portable vacuum sealers for virtually any kind of food. 

Vacuum sealing boosts the shelf life of food in the freezer, fridge, and cupboard or when camping and traveling.


So what happens in the freezer?


You probably many times threw a bag of vegetables in your freezer in standard packaging.

And when you checked it back sometime later, you realized that the food is freezer burn or moldy?

But you need only a few seconds to protect your food with a portable vacuum sealer, and your food stays fresh for months instead of weeks.

We use our portable vacuum sealer for almost any fresh frozen produce like broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, the list go on.

And it is easier to stack all the vacuum-sealed bags in our freezer, just like books in the library.

We recently opened a vacuum-sealed bag of blueberries after storing it for more than a year, and the blueberries were as fresh as on the day we packaged them.

Next to them was a standard package of blueberries after just a couple of weeks, and when we opened it, we found a ball of ice. 

We assure you it is not something you will enjoy on your dessert.


And we cannot omit the fridge.


In this place, you will notice an improvement as well, as we found the food can last for weeks rather than days.

It is important to note that with most packed food, the "best before date" holds only until you open the original packaging.

But with vacuum sealing, you can reseal your food and extend the date with a press of a button.

We soon stopped worrying about opening our favorite sliced cheese or ham, only to eat a couple of slices.

With the reusable bags, we could reseal the remaining slices for another day, totally guilt-free with our environment-conscious minds.

The next day you open the bag grab a fresh slice of ham, and reseal it for another day.

We truly started to recognize the benefits and love the idea more and more each day.

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