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FoodFend One Vacuum Sealer
FoodFend One Vacuum Sealer

FoodFend One Vacuum Sealer

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Keep Your Food FRESH for Longer

Save Money, Time & Space

The EASIEST way to vacuum seal your food at home.

And the SAFEST way to store your food at home.


✅ Super Compact Size — a small and portable device that you can easily store in your kitchen.
✅ Dishwasher Safe Bags — reusable food vacuum zipper bags are easy to clean in a dishwasher and ready to use multiple times.
✅ Save You Money — buy in bulk and store vacuum-sealed meal-sized portions for much longer.
✅ Preserve Food — vacuum sealing prevents the growth of mold or bacteria.
✅ Protects Food — your food is protected from dehydration and freezer burn.
✅ Extends Shelf Life — vacuum-sealed food shelf life is greatly extended.
✅ Food Lasts Longer — your food can last for up to 5 times longer vacuum-sealed in a freezer or fridge.
✅ Efficient Food Organization — vacuum sealing is an efficient way to organize your food.
✅ No Freezer Burn — vacuum sealing keeps your food in an air-tight environment that stops the creation of crystals that damage your food in a freezer.
✅ Food Tastes Better — vacuum sealing holds in the moisture, juices, and flavor of the food. You’ll notice the difference in taste.
✅ Keeps Food Safe — with vacuum sealing, you restrict the oxygen that triggers reactions that cause food to spoil.
✅ Keeps Food Fresh — vacuum sealing prevents fats in your food from going rancid.
✅ Seal Leftovers — keep your leftover food safe for longer when vacuum sealing.

FoodFend vacuum sealed food


FoodFend One portable vacuum sealer uses revolutionary technology to create an airtight seal without any bulky equipment in three simple steps.

The handheld, wireless operation won't leave you tethered to an outlet so that you can take the one-touch sealing system anywhere.

Whether you're packing a fresh lunch, meal-prepping for the week, organizing freezer storage, or trying out new sous vide recipes, this food vacuum sealer is the perfect way to keep your food fresh.

Simply place your food inside the reusable vacuum bag, seal the zipper, set the portable device on the airlock valve, and press start!

The device automatically shuts off when it achieves a reliable airtight seal.
Best of all, the reusable vacuum sealer bags come with a dual zipper seal and are dishwasher friendly.

Reduce your plastic waste footprint and save money without costly single-use bags or plastic wrap!

Enjoy the fresh taste of your food even after long storage.

Lower food wastage and help the environment.

A true "no-brainer" for the savvy eco-conscious person.

FoodFend vacuum sealed food

Imagine you can seal, store, and save your food in seconds.

Vacuum sealing of cold cuts using FoodFend One

5 Free Reusable Zipper Bags Included


SIZE: 2.1'x4.9' (54x125mm)

WEIGHT: 170g

POWER SOURCE: Rechargeable battery

BATTERY CAPACITY: 1200mAh (approx. 50 sealed bags)


SPEED: 3.5 liters per 1 minute

OPERATION: One-touch start with automatic shut-off

ADDONS: 5 FREE Reusable, eco-friendly zipper bags included

REUSABLE BAGS: Freezer, sous vide and dishwasher safe

Benefits and Features of FoodFend One

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